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Tuesday December 10th 2013


Educated as classical clarinet (Buffet Crampon RC), saxophone (Selmer SA80) and bass clarinet (Selmer) player, I have extended my horizons and play nowadays classical, avant-garde, jazz, folk, funk, and hip-hop music. As of May 2011, I also play electrical saxophone (Yamaha WX5 with a VL70m sound module) As of December 2013, I added a húlúsī, a Chinese folk clarinet, to my collection. And since March 2015 I also play E-flat clarinet.

Here's an example of me improvising on clarinet with a bunch of guys whom I'ld never met before at the time and here's another example with me on alto saxophone. Here and here are short fragments of me playing the electrical saxophone (together with a flute player).


I used to teach clarinet, saxophone, ensemble playing and Preliminary Instrumental Education at several music schools in the country. My oldest student was a pensioner, the youngest was six years old.

Most lessons were group lessons. Clarinet and saxophone students took classes in groups of two or three, PIU-kids in groups of four or five. Ensembles consist of more students, usually between 12 and 20 students. These were all children who had less than two years of education on their instruments. Many people think that ensemble playing is only possible after many years of studying, but we prove them wrong; listen to this for an example, this is played by 10 to 12 year old kids with only 1 1/2 years of training.
I also led a pop orchestra (mostly wind players with a rhythm section) for which I wrote arrangements of well-known or lesser known pop and rock tunes. See my arrangements page for examples.

I'm not teaching music anymore now. Music is now all hobby again!

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