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Monday February 27th 2012


I've written a number of pieces for all sorts of combinations of instruments. Most of it is "contempory classical"; influences are Xenakis, Cage, Ligeti, and several types of world music (Africa, Japan, India). Here you will find an overview.

Several titles can be listened to by clicking on them. Off course, these are MIDI-versions and whence hardly worthwile performances. They're only meant to give a general idea of what the piece could sound like in reality.

In a few cases you can listen to MP3-versions - actual live performances of the work. You are allowed to download files where available. You can, however, use these only for your private listening pleasures in the comfort of your own home. You are not allowed to play them in public or to distribute/pass them on to others without proper references (my name, the title and the source where you got them). Changing anything in the files is right out.
If you want to show your appreciation for my work, you can send me some money, any amount will do, at your leisure and convenience. My bank account is ING 3219302 and my Paypal account is

Some works are published by Donemus Amsterdam and can be ordered through them. These are indicated with an asterisk. All other works are (yet) unpublished. If you're interested contact me to order the sheet music. If you want to perform a piece of mine, go ahead. I'ld like to be notified, but that's no obligation. Note you might have to pay authorship rights to your local authorship rights organization though (like ASCAP in the USA).

Some pieces I've written for educational purposes only are set apart in this list; this also contains incidental music I've done, like ballet, stage and filmmusic, such as this short animation film by my cousin Tali Farchi.

And then there are a number of arrangements of existing music. There is a list of these too, and again you can listen to all of them, with the exception of my arrangement of the complete music of Les Misérables, because of legal reasons.
If you want to purchase any of these arrangements, please contact me. If you'ld like a certain piece arranged for you please contact me for an offer. I can do any kind of music, I do quality arrangements in any style (classical, jazz, pop, folklore).

Before you start listening to a piece please read this first.

People used to compose with pencil and eraser, nowadays I only use the computer. For notation I use Finale.