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Copyright Notice

Pieces indicated with an asterix are:

Copyright Donemus Amsterdam

All other pieces:

Copyright Jan Willem van Dormolen

Next text is valid for all pieces, regardless of publisher:

The MIDI-files are Copyright Jan Willem van Dormolen. You can download them to your own personal harddisk, for the exclusive purpose of listening to them. You cannot reproduce them in any form whatsoever, this including the printing of the music by means of an notation program; making changes to the files, of whatever kind, is prohibited too. If you do want to do anything of the above, please contact me so we can arrange payment of some sort.


The musical works are protected by copyright. Jan Willem van Dormolen has obtained permission for its use from Buma/Stemra. The use of the musical works from this site, other than to listen to for your own pleasure and/or reproduction for private study or use, is expressly forbidden. Also, it is forbidden to (re)sell, distribute etc. the musical works.

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