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Curriculum Vitae


Jan Willem van Dormolen


Esdoorn 42, 3984 AV Odijk


*31 - 30 6567758


*31 - 84 7169254



may 1956 in The Hague


to Lilian Martini, one child: Rianne Charlotte (born august 14th 1989)

military service

conscientious objector

working experience

1999 - now

Free-lance arranger of music. My biggest project was the full Les Miserables (three hours of music) for musical group Dreamcoat.

1996 - now

Free-lance translator of software and software manuals. I translate from English, German and French to Dutch for several agencies.

1977 - now

Teacher clarinet at the Leusden Musicschool; from 1988 also saxophone. Since 1994 I also lead heterogenous ensembles of starting students. (two days per week)

1993 - 1999

Trainer political skills for the GreenLeft party: communication, strategy, negotiating, organizing grassroots support, intercultural co-operation, conflict handling. In autumn '94 I gave such a training to local politicians in Sibiu, Roumania;. (several weekends per year)

1993 - 1997

Teacher clarinet at the Bunnik Musicschool. Resigned 1-8-1997.

1996 - 1997

Teacher clarinet at the Houten Musicschool. School closed down per 1-8-1997.

1996 - 1999

Member computer committee of public primary school De Bongerd, a group of fathers who have installed and maintain a network for the computer education. (one evening per month)

1992 - 1996

Member Committee of Appeal of the Utrecht School of Arts.

1986 - 1992

Member of the city councel of Bunnik and chairperson of the (two person) GreenLeft fraction.

1981 - 1990

Voluntary work at the Stichting Internationale Werkkampen (International Workingcamps Association). I did administration, organization, coordination and a lot more, mostly concerning our African counterparts.


Member party congress of the Pacifist Socialist Party (which later merged into GreenLeft).

1984 - 1988

In-house composer at theatre group 'Gertrud-D'.

1978 - 1986

Participant in international workcamps. Unskilled labour at socialy useful projects in Czechoslowakia, Turkey, France, Togo (twice), the U.S. of A., Denmark, Ireland and the Netherland. I was campleader twice (doing e.g. the finances) and the last time I was co-organisor.

1981 - 1982

Educational concerts (solo) with contemporary music.

1976 - 1978

Member edatiorial board of Youth Union SSR in Utrecht.



post-graduate course in ensemble leading (making music with heterogenous groups of starting students)

1993 - 1994

training trainer political skills for GreenLeft

1991 - 1996

study saxophone at the Utrecht Conservatory. Graduated march 19th 1996.

1979 - 1984

study composition at the Utrecht Conservatory.

1979 - 1982

study bass clarinet at the Utrecht Conservatory. Graduated januari 17th 1983.

1976 - 1981

study clarinet at the Utrecht Conservatory. Graduated may 29th 1981.

1974 - 1976

study physics at the University of Leiden. Stopped after 1 1/2 year.

1968 - 1974

Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest. Graduated VWO (gymnasium bêta) june 14th 1974; subjects: Dutch (grade 9 out of 10), French (8), Latin (8), Maths I (9) and II (9), Physics (9), Chemistry (9).

miscellanious courses

Musical: music editing on the computer, clarinet maintenance, computer in music education, instrumental group education, numerology in the works of J.S. Bach, seminars on several contemporary composers, twice the 'Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Kammermusik' in Darmstadt, jazz-workshops.

Political: seminars on environment, poverty, affirmative action for women and migrants, city planning.

other activities

1996 - 2001

Member of the so-called Thinktank PR of GreenLeft.

1972 - 1977

Treasurer of the Youth Chamberorchestra of Leiden.


Member of theatre group of student union Augustinus in Leiden.

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